Paolo Busnelli


Our Icon is different from any other bicycle in many respects. Equipped with an excellent, light-weight, agile frame borrowed from the universe of commuter bikes, it easily lends itself to urban riding. Its favorite grounds include bumpy asphalt-paved roads, streetcar tracks, and heavy traffic. Featuring aggressive aesthetics, it is equipped with unprecedented, plucky wheels – i.e. ultra-slick 26” Schwalbe Dirty Bob – which make it a powerful bike suitable for long-distance rides.

Icon has a strong personality, strengthened by unique, incredibly bright colors selected from the liquid metal palette. Its advanced equipment includes a high-performance Pendix electric Engine, Lauffork front suspensions (on request) a saddle with amrotized seat post by Cyrrus , special handlebars and top-level components such as Magura Mt5 disc brakes, and Nokon cables. This consistent, prestigious ensemble can indeed offer emotions and prestige to the modern urban rider.