The Downtown models are designed for urban use. However the components were matched for an everyday use in the urban field without losing its sportive character

Thus the Downtown fill a gap between the sportive power  race model and the urban commuter. 

Top model is the Power Race. A fast S-Pedelec with Go Swiss Drive 500 Watt 45 Km/h

Downtown Electric Go Swiss (On Request)

Electric Power Options
colour Available

    Go Swiss

    Our rear hub motors have proven themselves for many years even under the harshest conditions. For example, in e-bikes for delivery services at a mileage of over 100,000 kilometers.

    You have the choice between four different variants: From 250 Watt for a normal pedelec according to EU-legislation, up to 500 Watt (peak performance approximately 1,000 Watt) for powerful and strong e-bikes / pedelecs of the fast class.

    Pendix motor

    With our Pendix motor, we wanted to produce something completely impossible at first sight: an eBike which doesn’t look like an eBike and doesn’t even feel like one. An eBike with the most natural pedaling sensation in the world. In fact, a bike that is not really a bike – but one that naturally has all the advantages of an eBike.

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