About us

43 Milano is glad to introduce you our collection  raised up in our show room in Milan between fashion and design. Why creating a collection of bycicles? We have been working in the field of luxury fashion for long time since we got the desire to coniugate the taste of beauty and the care of details in an object such as the bycicles. The love for style and elegance and beauty , so present in the italian culture, is showed looking at 43 Milano. Common to all of our designs for bicycles products is our desire to position our products at the highest level in terms of functionality, materials, workmanship, and detail work. Projects arise from a particular interest in themes that are not the result of a direct order, whose realization are not subject to pressure and thus have a correspondingly experimental character.   

Our Team.

43 Milano Co founder
43 Milano team
Alberto Crivellenti



Lucrezia Baldovino D'Asperta
43 Milano team design
43 Milano hi tech design team
Barbara Sellerio
Paolo  Busnelli

Technical man