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43 Milano creates custom bicycles that are as beautiful as they are functional. Each 43 frame is unique and every one is hand-crafted especially for you. By first understanding what you want from your bicycle, together we design a frame matching your geometry and cycling goals. Then, after some measuring, cutting, brazing, aligning, polishing and painting . We build 100 frames each year, and we treat each one with the same love and care.

There are many factors to consider when designing the perfect frame – the dimensions, which tube-set to use, the joining techniques, polishing  and paintwork. But building the perfect frame always begins with understanding your needs.  Your geometry and what you want from your bicycle informs how we design it and how it should feel to ride. And that’s important to you.

Once we’ve planned out the perfect bicycle, we turn the design into a fully formed frame using a variety of materials and fabrication techniques. Every single one of our frames is crafted and finished with the same care and commitment.

43 Milano is based in central Milan but our customers are all over the world.

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