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Icon a perfect bike commuter
Project no.1  Icon Stealth Series

We wanted an outstanding bicycle
Strong with these almost plain lines that immediately show off strength and aggressive determination
Two perfect cylinders design a formal but at the same time balanced frame .
You will be impressed by its agility in the traffic , and that wonderful sensation of constructive solidity and comfort that can rarely be given to the driver by a modern bicycle 

Magura superlative  Disc Brake
downtown a luxury electric bike
Go Swiss electric engine by 43 Milano
Project no.2  Downtown Stealth Series

A perfect commuter bicycle

The downtown model is a perfect commuter bicycle. It hardly weighs any more than a comparable non electric bicycle. Our Go Swiss  electric drive meets the high pedelec standard The booster set provide a impressive acceleration useful for negotiating busy city traffic. The alternative mode provides constant adjustable support to a speed of 25km/h. Crafted using high quality materials and components the Downtown quickly transforms from a confortable commuter bicycle into an agile and exciting sport bicycle. We can customise the bicycle to your personal tastes. The downtown is a limited edition bicycle. 

Pininfarina Fuoriserie luxury series
Project no.3  Pininfarina Fuoriserie

 The transcendent beauty of this classic, steel, icon remains unrivalled. . A classic formula of Deda Acciai Zero chromoly tubing, investment cast lugs and Campagnolo group set, combines to produce a unique and timeless riding experience.

pegasus iconic silver jewel of 43Milano  frame
Project no.4   Gentleman  Lady Hampton's and Randonneur Vintage Series

Perfect design. The Vintage Series meet the high expectations of demanding people in terms of expressive trends. Exquisite, high-tech solutions and various selected materials are indicative of this bicycle. Trademark of the culture of enjoyment. Unusual materials, pure and exquisite design, and absolute perfection down to the very last detail. So owning a  43 Milano Vintage Series  will always be something special, just as producing such a bicycle is special, too.

Gentleman a unmistakable bike of 43 Milano
randonneur the globetrotter bicycle of 43 Milano
Lady Hampton's luxury bicycle

Vintage Series

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